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How to recover Cell Phone pictures

June 27th, 2012 | Posted by Henry in Photo Recovery

I have accidentally deleted the folder from my cell phone’s memory card that contains 100 pictures of my Goa trip. Is there any chance to get them back?

If the pictures are stored on memory card then don’t worry, it is very easy to recover lost pictures from cell phone’s memory card. Mishandling the cell phone is the common problem that results in loss of pictures from cell phones. There are different reasons that may also lead to loss or deletion of pictures from your cell phone. You might have done one of the below mentioned mistake while using your cell phone’s memory card

  • Accidentally deleted the pictures from the cell phone when it is connected to computer

In case of this scenario, you might have accidentally deleted folder that contain your pictures instead of deleting some other folder that contains unwanted data. Windows Recycle Bin is the best way to restore accidentally deleted pictures. But, Recycle Bin does not help you to get back accidentally deleted pictures from the memory card.

Actually, the pictures or any other data that you delete from any removable storage device such as memory card, USB drives does not move to Recycle Bin instead it bypasses the Recycle Bin. Hence, you cannot restore deleted pictures from Recycle Bin resulting in loss of pictures.

  • Abruptly removed the memory card from the card reader while transferring photos from the cell phone’s memory card to computer

In case of this scenario, you may be transferring pictures from memory card to computer by using CUT and PASTE commands. When you use CUT command, the photos are removed from memory card and getting transferred to computer.

If you remove the memory card forcefully while the photos are still getting transferred then it interrupts the transfer process as a result you cannot able to find pictures on both memory card and computer resulting in loss of pictures.

  • Accidentally clicked on FORMAT option instead of deleting single picture

In case of this scenario, you may accidentally click on FORMAT option instead of clicking on DELETE option to delete single picture from cell phone. When you click on FORMAT option, all the pictures are completely deleted from the cell phone’s memory card resulting in loss of pictures.

  • Facing errors like memory card is corrupted

You may encounter this type of error only when your memory card is corrupted. If sudden power failure occurs when accessing the pictures from memory card then memory card might get corrupted. Later when you try to access the photo from the memory card, you may encounter error message like “Memory card is corrupted” that makes photos inaccessible resulting in loss of pictures.

Have you tried to recover pictures from cell phone after loss or deletion?

If you are not able to access the photos from your computer then safely remove the memory card and check it in your friend’s computer. If you are not able to access the pictures from your friend’s computer then immediately stop using the memory card to avoid further loss of pictures.

Have you tried to recover those lost pictures using any recovery tool?

If you want to get back lost or deleted pictures then reliable recovery tool is needed. Follow some tips to select photo recovery tool.

  •  Make sure that the photo recovery tool that you want to use to restore lost pictures is read-only software
  • First try with demo version of photo recovery software so that you can judge the worthiness of the software

Photo recovery software is read-only software that can restore lost or deleted pictures from cell phones, digital cameras and hard drives. If you have accidentally formatted the memory card of cell phone then also you can use this photo recovery software to restore lost pictures.  This software can recover pictures and other files like audio files, video files, documents etc from different memory cards such as SD, MMC, XD and CF cards. Follow the simple steps to recover your lost pictures

  • Download the demo version of photo recovery software then connect your cell phone via USB cable or use card reader to connect cell phone’s memory card to computer where the software is installed.
  • Once you launch the software, select “Recover Photos” option
  • You can recover deleted or lost pictures by selecting either one of the options i.e. “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” based on the scenario.
  • Select the memory card from where you want to restore the lost pictures
  • After recovery process is completed, preview recovered pictures using “Preview” option.

You need to follow some precautions to avoid photo loss in future.

The best way to avoid loss of pictures from memory card is to take backup of your essential pictures. It is very important to use updated antivirus program to avoid loss of photos due to virus attacks. If you want to disconnect the memory card from computer after transferring pictures then don’t simply pull it off. Instead, use “Safely Remove Hardware” icon to properly disconnect the memory card from computer.

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